Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Discounted Postage (RM 5) for W. & E. Malaysia!!!


Discounted postage for W. & E. Malaysia!! RM 5 for all transactions!!! :)
HUrry hurry!

*Valid till Nov 30th, 2011*


Abbie xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Item code:B001
Item name: Long Flower Print Tank Top/Black
Size: S-M
Price: RM37.00


Item code:B002
Item name: Long Sleeves Top/Black
Size: S-M
Description: Slightly strechable
Price: RM33.00

Item code:B003
Item name: Polka Dot Corset Dress
Size: L
Description: soft material, elastic at the back
Price: RM43.00

Item code:B004
Item name: Sexy Sequin Lace Dress
Size: S-M
Description: Sequins with lace
Price: RM47.00

Item code:B005
Item name: Sexy V Neck La La Dress
Size: S-M
Description: Lace and cotton
Price: RM50.00

Item code:B006
Item name: Cut-out Leggings/Black
Size: S-M
Price: RM23.00

Item code:B007
Item name: Urban Chic Tube Dress
Size: S-M
Price: RM48.00

Item code:B008
Item name: Stripped Chain Dress
Size: S-M
Description: chain is attached to the dress
Price: RM37.00

Item code:B009
Item name: Stylish Top/White
Size: M-L
Description: satin-like material
Price: RM33.00

Item code:B010
Item name: Toga Chiffon Dress/Pink
Size: L
Price: RM40.00

Welcome to Bella! :)

Heya pretty babes!

Welcome to Bella! An online based "mini" boutique ;) What I have for you here are all ready stocks and only 1 piece for each apparel, so grab them quick! :) There will be more coming up soon, and there will be pre-orders as well!
Happy shopping ladies!

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